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Patm Have Created A Free Payment App

The Recharge, Wallet & Payments app is very similar to PayPal, but it doesn’t have all the payment features, and there are far fewer people that use it compared to the amount of people who use PayPal. The app allows you to pay bills, send money, and receive money from your friends and from your customers.

Top Up Your Phone With The Payment System

The Recharge, Wallet & Payments app is actually an extension of a phone top up system. They call a top up a recharge (for some reason), and the app has simply extended from topping up your phone, to sending money to friends, and all the way to paying for utility bills. The premise is very simple. You link a card and send money to your online payment account. It is a proprietary UPI app, which means getting money back into your bank account after you have put it in your account is difficult, and there are occasions when you will have to wait over five days before it allows you to add funds to your card.

A Fairly Versatile Payment System

You are able to pay bills with this payment system, and you may pay for travel, purchases, and even other apps for your phone. Topping up your Recharge, Wallet & Payments app with money is as simple as wiring money to PayPal. You may either send it manually, or have the app draw the funds from your account.


  • Pay for a variety of things very easily with this third-party account
  • There is always added security if you use a digital wallet rather than giving out your credit card details to numerous companies


  • It is very much like PayPal but sadly not as advanced or as useful
  • It is very difficult to withdraw the money back to your bank account


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Payments, Wallet & Recharges


Payments, Wallet & Recharges 8.9.0 for iPhone


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